Are you a busy business owner stuck working IN your business and searching for a better way to run things?

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Your business is doing well, you’ve built a small team and you’re kicking goals, but things feel hard.  There aren’t enough hours in the day, your team is a constant disruption, there’s no structure, and growth has stagnated.

You know the answer might lie in documenting your systems, but getting started with systems is a bit overwhelming.  You’re far too busy to even think about it!

The starting point is having an inkling that systems WILL make a transformative difference.

How does an enjoyable business sound?  One where you have the space to focus on strategic tasks that edge you towards growth targets, where your team can work autonomously and you can rest assured they’re following gold standards, and where your reputation shines because your customer experience is exceptional every, single, time.

So what’s holding you back from systemising your business?

In my experience, most business owners put off systemising

(even though they know it will free them up and help them make more money)


It’s too time consuming

They don’t know where to start

The team will never follow them

It’s been tried before and failed

There are too many systems

You need to invest in expensive software

Well, I’m here to bust those myths and show you how to create a reliable business with no single person dependency and a consistent product or service that happens on repeat.


Systems are the essential foundational building blocks for the success and survival of businesses.

The thing is; all the business books say we need systems and processes but the nature of business growth is such that at first they don’t feel important.

All of a sudden, with a growing team and growing pressures, documenting and monitoring systems can end up at the bottom of a never-ending list. But a lack of systems and processes creates business owners that are always busy!

When you jot down how things work in your business, magic happens! 

You’re already doing these systems, making your business tick. But when you take what’s in your team’s heads and turn it into clear, step-by-step systems; that’s when your business starts running smoothly all on its own – that’s when you stop holding your business’s hand.

You’ll delegate tasks to lower paid team members, free yourself up to focus on growth activities, streamline your business and still guarantee the same exceptional customer experience.

There are many questions every day you simply do not need to answer!! Put the vital knowledge into documented systems and let them do the work.

Introducing SYSTEMology

What’s missing when business owners want to systemise is the methodology.  The ‘how-to’ for systemising your business.  And that’s where the proven 7 step SYSTEMology framework comes in.


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Systemise Your Business in 6 Months.

Do you want a cost-effective and fun way to systemise your business in a group setting with other like-minded and motivated business owners?

The result?  Your core product or service systemised so your business ensures consistent cash flow and an exceptional customer experience that will see customers recommending you with ease.

Introducing my group systems program.  We meet fortnightly over Zoom over 6 months.  The next cohort starts in June 2024.

The process is: you apply so we can find out if you’re ready and aligned.

I help you secure your systems champion and get your SOP software organised. 

I take a maximum of 7 business and a minimum of 4 so apply today!

What's My Commitment?

1 hour fortnightly Zoom sessions with you and your systems champion.

Become part of a community with other like-minded business owners all focused on systemising.

1-2 hours per week outside of the group sessions.  YOur systems champion will be doing the bulk of the work. vital information secured.

A willingness to commit to creating your single source of truth and supporting systems from the top down. 

Setting up (with my help) SOP and task management software.

A mindset shift to become a systems-thinker and have a business with systems at the forefront.

Go from Stressed Out and Stuck to Well Organised and In Control

All businesses should systemise.  If your business is established with a team of between 5 and 15 people, this group coaching program is a great way to start.

The result is a more structured business with the working operational knowledge of your business secured so you can weather any storms.

Become a Business Owner rather than an Employee in your Business.

Let’s make your systems your most important asset!

What's In It For Me?

Over Six Months Your Life and Business will Dramatically Improve:

These are the expected outcomes:

  Create your single source of truth of the working knowledge in your business and reduce key person dependency

  Document your core product or service so it runs with complete reliability and ensures consistent cash flow

  Store your key systems in the cloud so they’re super organised and your team can access them within 30 seconds

  Run your business with fewer errors, make your team more productive, and scale and grow sustainably.

  Have more money in the bank, be able to take an extended holiday without stress, allow your team to be more autonomous and enjoy your business

  Filter the systems throughout the business and get buy-in from the team so they actually follow them.

  Help you onboard and train new hires with speed and ease


And guess what?

This will NOT add loads to your already full plate.  Your commitment is one or two hours per week – that’s it!

Apply below and I’ll talk to you about how to make this work for your situation.

HINT: SYSTEMS CREATION IS A TWO PERSON JOB.  I’ll help you find your SYSTEMS CHAMPION.  This is THE vital component to success and why so many businesses have failed with systems.

Nicola Depiazzi Green Pillars Consulting Systemology

I’m Nicola

I’m a Certified SYSTEMologist who works with businesses across all industries to systemise and free owners up from the day-to-day operations.

With 7 years of experience running a marketing consultancy specialising in online presence, brand visibility, and customer attraction, I decided to expand my expertise as an NLP coach, which led me to create the Thriving Business Mums Club. In this membership community, I coached mums in business, focusing on
digital marketing, client attraction, and productivity.

In 2022, I discovered SYSTEMology, and Green Pillars Co was born to
help SMEs change the way they do business—led by systems. The
aim is to achieve complete business reliability to help founders step away from day-to-day operations, stop micromanaging, and claim back that elusive work-life balance.

I now work alongside business owners to develop a sustainable
business with a systems culture that gives owners the space to
dedicate more time to growth and business development, as well as to enjoy the things they love, like family time & holidays.

Certified systemologist Nicola Depiazzi Green Pillars Co

This year I launch group coaching and will take a cohort of committed business owners through the SYSTEMology process.  It’s an enjoyable way of committing to systemising without the one on one price tag but still with the full support of a Certified SYSTEMologist.

The first ‘beta’ cohort will begin in June 2024.

Work with me in a group setting to upgrade your business via systems-led excellence.

Business does not have to be hard or chaotic.  You don’t have to micro-manage and be disrupted by your team constantly.  You don’t need to stay up until midnight to stay on track.

But for things to change, you need to recognise that the way you run your business needs to change.

Are you ready for a culture shift to become a systems-led business?

Systemising and changing culture is a journey.  It’s one that starts with the leader.  When you commit to change, it will filter through the business and create a harmonious workplace that functions with ease. 

It won’t happen overnight, but with dedication to the process and my support to implement the framework, you’ll soon have a business that runs without you holding its hand.

How does having a team that finds its own answers and has space for creative problem solving rather than just chasing their tails sound?

Great, then register for the group program. The next cohort starts in June 2024. Apply and I’ll be in touch to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

This is what we achieve when we

Document your Systems


Roles are clear, workflows are understood, best practice is captured & your team works independently & to the highest standard.


The 'how-to' knowledge is secured meaning key person dependency is no longer a risk.


The delivery of your service is consistent, repeatable and gets rave reviews.


Fewer errors and clear expectations means your team get more done in less time.

Higher Value

A company that runs with precision and has the vital information secured is worth more to buyers.

More Freedom

The business runs without reliance on the owner and frees up time for business growth or personal passions.

Better Workplace

Your team works with less errors, the business runs with precision making the workplace more harmonious, fun and scalable.

Onboard & Outsource

Onboarding new team members is swift & effective and outsourcing is simplified.

What it costs.

1. Business Systems Accelerator [BSA] + systemHUB

All businesses taking part in group coaching need to have an active BSA and systemHUB subscription. This is the first step and what's inlcuded. The subscription is for 12 months.

SOP SOFTWARE - systemHUB is your online systems storage space that makes accessing and using your systems easy. systemHUB

STEP BY STEP TRAINING - Business Systems Accelerator [BSA] is self-guided business owner and systems champion training. Includes: SYSTEMology implementation roadmap, team accelerator course, private systems community, systems templates, and more. Business Systems Accelerator (BSA)

$3,000 +GST
Paid in full at start of project

2. Group Coaching (PAY IN FULL)

No. 1 - BSA & systemHUB plus:

Guided coaching bi-monthly via Zoom
Teach you the 'system' for systems creation
Systemise your core product or service
Advise on tech requirements
Store systems in the cloud (systemHUB)
Filter systems through your business
Train you to become a systems thinker and empowering leader
24/7 email support
Phone support in business hours

$5,895 +GST
Launching 'beta' price
$4,895 +GST
Paid in full at start of project

2.1 Group Coaching (PAYMENT PLAN)

No. 1 - BSA and systemHUB plus:

All of the above but paid in monthly installments.

$1,000 +GST
Launching 'beta' price
$825 +GST
Per month for 6 months

The discounted beta price is available until 14th June 2024 when applications for this group program close

What people are saying about SYSTEMology

"Now every time there's an issue to troubleshoot, all my team members have to do is read it, go through it and make the necessary changes."
Matthew Bullock
Wardrobe Design Centre
"David’s book is perfect for any sized business and skill level. We can all use SYSTEMology to unpack our minds so we don’t become our own bottleneck."
Joe Fier
Co-host of Hustle and Flowchart podcast
“I sold my first business in 6 days because it was systemised and ran like clockwork. This book shows you how to create the same in your business – but without all the pain I went through to get there. I wish I’d read this 20 years ago!"
Mike Rhodes
Founder & CEO of


All businesses should systemise.  Group Coaching is ideally suited to  established businesses with teams from 5-15 people.  It’s especially beneficial for small businesses where the owner has significant involvement with the business.  If your business is smaller, register to talk to me about how to make it happen in a way that works for you.

If your business is larger, talk to me about one to one consulting

It’s designed to keep things simple and prioritise effort into those areas that will make the biggest difference.

You’ll participate in 6 months of bi-weekly group coaching sessions. This gives you time to do the work, learn the principles, adopt them into your business and entrench the skills needed to make it run like a well oiled machine.

You’ll also get 12 months SYSTEMology® Membership which gives your team access to SystemHUB® for storing your procedures, 90+ professionally developed small business systems, plus the all-important Team Accelerator Course.


Two people will be on the group coaching sessions – you (the Business Owner/CEO/Founder), and your Systems Champion. Your Systems Champion is key to your success with this program. They are the team member who you’re going to be delegating a lot of the grunt work to, so make sure you allocate them the time to make a real go if it. 4/5hrs per fortnight is a great starting point.

Aside from that, as part of the SYSTEMology® Membership (included in the group coaching) you get access for 20 team members to learn via the Team Accelerator Online Course. This will help you get your team onboard to adopt and improve systems within your business.

Got more than 20 in your team? No problem. We have different plans available – just ask!

Will this double up? There’s always a chance, however, what you’ll more than likely find is that SYSTEMology® will nail all the gaps you currently have regarding systems in your business. It will help draw attention to the systems that are going to be used the most, plus start to get your team onboard that systems will make their worklife easier.

We don’t want you and your team to end up spending hour after hour over the years documenting and updating systems. Just the opposite! Our goal is to free you from your business – not make more work for you!

If your business has only been around for a few years, and perhaps you only have a couple of team members – then the Catalyst Program may not be the right solution for you. We’d recommend starting with grabbing a copy of the book here

SYSTEMology® works best once you’ve found the best way to do things with your business and when you have a bit of a team under you. You’re business doesn’t need to be a polished award winning enterprise, but you really need to be clear on how you do business and have robust experience serving your customer.

Apply to be part of the next Group Program Cohort here

What industry are you in, how long have you been in business, where are you located.