Why Systemise Your Business?

You aspired to have your own business, but like many, you find yourself trapped in it because it cannot run without you.

Perhaps you’ve reached a stage where you’ve grown a team, but the business is very person-dependent because the knowledge is stored in everyone’s heads.

Imagine a business that can function independently from you, where the knowledge of how your business runs is secured, and a reliable and consistent customer experience is delivered every time.

When your business functions like a well-oiled machine, you find more freedom, and that gives you choices. Do you want to scale, step away and hire a manager, sell, or even take an extended break, knowing your business and team have everything they need?

This is how you know it's time to document your systems

Business owners systemise when these problems become hard to ignore

Constant Interruptions

The team cannot find solutions to their own problems and rely on the owner for answers. The owner cannot get on with their own job.

Ongoing Errors

The customer experience is very inconsistent. The team is winging it and making things up, missing key steps and costing the business money to fix mistakes.

Long working hours

Not enough hours in the day? Missing out on family time and heading towards burn out? These working conditions are unsustainable and are not 'just what it takes' to run a business.

Person Dependent

The knowledge is stored in the teams' heads putting the business at risk. Productivity and efficiency are affected when people leave.

lack of Growth

The business has reached capacity. There is little structure or clarity of direction, and growth has plateaued.

Team Annoyances

Workplace culture is struggling with miscommunications and misunderstandings due to a lack of clear procedures.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re in the right place to find a solution.  Successful businesses that have seen a lot of growth are usually the ones with an owner who has also grown.  A business is only as successful as the person that runs it.  Many owners get stuck in the ‘doing’, building their business and not understanding why it takes up so much of their time but doesn’t bring the rewards.

Business systemisation allows owners who strive for better, who are on a journey of both business and personal development to climb out of the Start-up stage and keep going until they have a well-oiled machine that sees them working less and earning more.

The trick to mastering business is to master your systems.  Delegate effectively, secure the knowledge so your business can weather any storm, ensure continued efficient and predictable outcomes, no matter who is in the business, and scale with a team that love to work for you.

Where are you on your business journey?


It's time to engineer the space to 'lead' rather than 'do'

Creating space in our business gives us the ablity to focus on big thinking, to be visionaries and inch our way up the problem solving ladder.

True business leaders are focusing on growth, strategy, optimisation, development and recruitment.

When you remain bogged down in the day-to-day operations, you are stuck in the busyness of ‘doing’, in the chaos with your team, and with little to no time or space for focusing on the future.

So, if the solution is to create more space – how do we do that?  We first have to acknowledge that we need to engineer the space. It doesn’t happen by chance.  As business owners, we need to change the way we think about and do business. 

In their simplest form, systems enable your business to repeat.  But with total reliability and consistency, every single time.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but we have to start somewhere.  Are you ready to start?

Certified systemologist Nicola Depiazzi Green Pillars Co

Systemisation is not something you have to do alone.

I’m a Certified SYSTEMologist, a business owner and parent who understands the demands of growing a profitable business as well as managing a family and life.

It’s my mission to help you transform how you do business so you can work less and make more money. I firmly believe it’s the small—to medium-sized business owners who keep our communities ticking. When your business can confidently run without you holding it’s hand, you create the freedom to give back, volunteer, enjoy your passion, and be present at the kids’ events.

I follow the proven 7-step SYSTEMology method that thousands of businesses across the globe have used to systemise and create more freedom as well as a scalable, reliable, and efficient business.

What's stopping you from systemising?

These are some of the myths that SYSTEMology busts to show how easy it is to start systemising, when you know how.

You need 100s of systems

In fact, initially you need around 15-25 mission critical systems so that your business consistently and efficiently makes money.

The business owner has to create the systems

Nope! Documenting your systems is a two person job. I'll show you how to remove yourself from the process.

Creating systems is too time consuming

The SYSTEMology process has specifically been designed to not be time draining for the business owner.

You need complex and expensive software

Simplicity is key here. All you need is a central location for the systems and some accountability for your team.


Systemising your business  helps streamline operations, ensuring consistency and efficiency. Well-defined systems save time, reduce the need for micromanagement, and make it easier to delegate tasks. This leads to a more organised, productive, and scalable business.

By providing clear, step-by-step processes for completing tasks. This reduces confusion and errors, allows team members to improve their skills, and creates opportunities for advancement within the organisation. It also makes onboarding new employees smoother and more efficient​​​​.

Absolutely! Systemising your business ensures that your customers receive consistent and high-quality service every time. By having standardised procedures, you can respond more quickly and effectively to customer needs, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty​​.

Systemising your business lays a solid foundation for growth. With well-documented systems, you can scale your operations without compromising on quality or efficiency. This makes it easier to expand your team, open new locations, or diversify your product or service offerings​​​​.

While systemising does require an initial investment of time and resources, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Once your systems are in place, you’ll save time and money by reducing inefficiencies, minimising errors, and improving overall productivity. It’s an investment that pays off by making your business more robust and easier to manage​​​​.

All businesses should systemise.  There’s a service to suit all businesses from owner/operators to more established businesses with teams from 5-50 people.  It’s especially beneficial for small businesses where the owner has significant involvement with the business.  

It’s designed to keep things simple and prioritize effort in those areas that will make the biggest difference. It involves the team from the beginning, so they’re more likely to support what they’ve helped to create.  It follows a very structured, proven process; its quite literally ‘the system for systemising.’

The aim is to have your business making money consistently and efficiently without the need for you at the helm.  To create true business freedom, you’ll want to identify and document the most vital systems in your business.

At the very least, look to systemise the following areas of your business: marketing, sales, client onboarding, service or product delivery and client return/referrals.

The bigger the business, the more systems you will need to free yourself up from the daily operations.

Absolutely!  I will help you find the best solution for your situation.  Start with the book, order your complimentary copy here.

If you have time, you can follow the 7 step SYSTEMology process yourself to systemise your business.

If you’d like to move quicker and get more support, Green Pillars Co can help you implement SYSTEMology.

If you have a small team of around 5, then Group Coaching typically suits you best.  For larger businesses, 1:1 Consulting is more suitable.

Still not sure about business systemisation?

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